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Below I have listed my published research papers / addresses. Some web-based presentations are available by clicking those with hyperlinks. PDF or Word document file versions of most of my papers are available by activating the icon under the desired reference. Should you not have an Acrobat reader installed on your machine, then you can download one free of charge from Adobe.


  • Alcorn, K.L., O’Donovan, A., Patrick, J.C., Creedy, D., & Devilly, G.J. (in submission). A prospective longitudinal study of posttraumatic stress disorder resulting from childbirth. Manuscript in submission.


  • Devilly, G.J., Brown, L., & Hansen, K. (in submission). The relationship of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and imaginal exposure in the creation of false memories. Manuscript in submission.


  • Devilly, G.J., Callahan, P., & Armitage, G. (in submission). The effect of play- time on violent video gaming. Manuscript in submission (Revise & Resubmit).


  • Croft, R.J., Gridiger, A., Gonsalvez, C.J., Russell, J., & Devilly, G.J. (in submission) The Effect of Meal Size on Autonomic Activity and Subjective Anxiety in Hospitalised Anorexia Nervosa Patients. Manuscript in submission.


  • Cook, F., Ciorciari., J., Varker, T., Devilly, G.J. (in submission). Changes in long term neural connectivity following psychological trauma. Manuscript in submission.


  • Kartal, D., & Devilly, G.J. (in submission). PTSD And Depression In Bosnian Refugees In Australia – 14 Years On. Manuscript in submission.


  • Devilly, G.J. (in press). Editor (Special Issue: The role of science in helping victims of crime). International Review of Victimology


  • Devilly, G.J. (in press). Does science matter to victims of crime? International Review of Victimology.


  • Lohr, J.M., Olatunji, B.O., & Devilly, G.J. (in press). Threats to evidence-based treatment of trauma: Professional issues and implications. International Review of Victimology.


  • Devilly., G.J., & Lohr, J.M. (in press). Science and Pseudoscience in Victims’ Services. International Review of Victimology.


  • Varker, T., Devilly, G.J., Ward, T., & Beech, T (in press). Empathy and adolescent sexual offenders: A review of the literature. Aggression & Violent Behaviour.


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Portuguese (Original)

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