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Supervision – PhD & Doctorates


  • Tracey Varker (Swinburne). Resilience of new recruit police officers to trauma.
  • Joanne Tarasuik (Swinburne). Resilience of experienced police officers to trauma.
  • Fallon Cook (Swinburne). Treatment of child fear responses.
  • Tamara Wolan (Swinburne). The effect of stimulants and alcohol on trauma memory.
  • Nicky Pronk (UniMelb). The process of change in PTSD symptoms during psychotherapy.
  • Sharon Gilroy (UniMelb). Concepts of masculinity in adolescent sex offenders.


  • Kristie Alcorn (2007, Griffith). Trauma responses to childbirth.
  • Qusai Hussain (2006, UniMelb). Checklist of offence pathways for rapists: A clinician’s guide to informed intervention.
  • Jennifer McGrail (2006, UniMelb). An investigation into the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder with comorbidity.
  • Renee Wright (2005, UniMelb). Vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress or simply burnout? An empirical study of the effect of trauma therapy on mental health professionals.
  • Gabrielle Unsworth (2004, UniMelb). Style of player: A clarifying approach to the violent videogame debate.
  • Stephen Mihailides (2003, UniMelb). Implicit cognition, cognitive distortion and sexual offending.

Supervision –Masters.


  • Dean Janover (Swinburne). Empathy and narcissism in juvenile sexual offenders.
  • Kimberley Muraca (Swinburne). Implicit cognitive distortions in rape victims.
  • Kristin Rogers (Swinburne). Victimisation and neural imaging in mental health user groups.


  • Ingalise Jensen (2001, UQ). The effectiveness of an exercise program for Vietnam veterans: Physiological and psychological change over time.
  • Marjan Geertseema (2003, UniMelb). Iatrogenics from psychological treatment.

Completed Supervision – Honours

  • Allie Huther (Swinburne) - Heart Rate Variability: Gender Differences in response to positive and negative film stimuli.
  • Barbara Pacya (UniMelb) – Assessing Interventions for Victims of crime
  • Chantelle Crossland (Swinburne) – Evaluation of a sex offender programme.
  • Christie Turton (Swinburne) – Dissociation and symptomatology.
  • Dzenana Kartal (Swinburne) – Trauma in an Australian Bosnian sample.
  • Fallon Cook (Swinburne) – dissociation and false memory.
  • Jacqueline Le Grand (Swinburne) – Community perspectives on sex offender sentences.
  • Jennifer Morral (Swinburne) – Sleep disorders and PTSD.
  • Justine Cooney (Swinburne) – The influence of media on community perspectives of sex offender sentences.
  • Lauren Brown (Swinburne) – PTSD treatment and memory.
  • Marie Yap (UniMelb) – The role of social support in crime victimisation.
  • Mayumi Purvis (UniMelb) – Community correct officers knowledge of the sex offender literature.
  • Melanie Evans (Swinburne) – Trauma responses and childbirth.
  • Olga Maurer (Swinburne & Maastricht) – Dissociation and cognitive functioning.
  • Patch Callahan (Swinburne) – Videogames, anger ratings and length of play.
  • Penny Green (Swinburne) – videogames and anger.
  • Rachid Annab (Swinburne) – Emotional reactions to debriefing.
  • Tracey Varker (Swinburne) – Empathy in adolescent sex offenders.

Psychology Registration


  • Tracey Varker (Victoria)
  • Joanne Tarasuik (Victoria)


  • Jeff Patrick (Qld)