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Some Past One Day Or Two Day Workshop

The Application Of Exposure And Cognitive ‘Inter-Weaving’ Techniques In The Effective Treatment Of PTSD.

Presenter: Grant Devilly : Grant is a practicing clinical psychologist who has also completed a research PhD in the treatment of trauma. He has published in leading journals, presented at national and international conferences, is on the editorial advisory board of The Journal of Traumatology and has acted as a consultant to the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies treatment guidelines committee.

Workshop: With the current fad of untested treatment techniques being marketed without any theoretical basis for the treatment of trauma it has become evident that clinicians and allied health personnel desire training in an empirically supported intervention, backed by demonstrable theory and with the highest success rates.

This one day workshop will be a predominantly skills based course which focuses on the application of exposure methods and the cognitive inter-weave to treat symptoms of trauma. The methods utilised in this workshop have been shown to clinically improve symptoms in up to 92% of those treated, with 83% no longer meeting the criteria for PTSD at post-treatment. This workshop will certificate attendees in the application of exposure techniques to trauma-based symptoms and associated problems.

A One Day Workshop


This workshop is aimed at practicing personnel (mainly psychologists) who are treating clients for anxiety disorders. This workshop outlines the aetiology, epidemiology and course of major anxiety states as well as providing a set of protocols for the treatment of these problems.

Some of the organisations that workshops have been provided to:

  • Sydney University of Technology (2007)
  • 8th International Mental Health Conference (2007)
  • Victorian Police Service (2006 - 7).
  • NSW Victims of Crime Service (2005).
  • Australian False Memory Association (2005).
  • Victims Referral & Assistance Service (Victoria): 2000, 2001.
  • Victim Support Services (South Australia): 2001.
  • Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service (Queensland Branches): 1995, 1998.
  • Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma: 1998.
  • The Australian Association of Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy (AACBT): August 28th 1999.
  • Sexual Assault Support Service (Sunshine Coast & Gympie Regions). Maroochydore, Qld 4558. November 10th 1999.


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